What's New:  News & Events


    EDI SDK version 7d Beta released.
    Release notes updated in online help.
    Demos use latest JCL 1.91 snapshot.
    Updated Project Jedi links.


    Continuing website updates. Fixed issue viewing site in Netscape 7.1.


    Continuing website updates. Updates to online help for TEDIElement, TEDIElementSpec, TEDISegmentSpec, TEDITransactionSet, TEDITransactionSetSpec, TEDITransactionSetLoop, TEDITransactionSetDocument, TEDIFunctionalGroup, TEDIFunctionalGroupSpec, TEDIInterchangeControl, TEDIInterchangeControlSpec, TEDIFile, TEDIFileSpec, TEDIMessage, TEDIMessageLoop.

    JCL 1.91 RC1 has been released and should be preferred over JCL 1.90 final.


    Continuing website updates. Updates to online help for TEDIDataObjectGroup, TEDIElement, TEDISegment, and other various updates around the website.


    Continuing website updates. Updates to online help for TEDIObjectListItem, TEDIObjectList, TEDIDataObjectListItem and TEDIDataObjectList.


    Beginning website updates. Updates to online help for TEDILoopStack, TEDIDataObject, and TEDIDataObjectGroup. More to come during the next few weeks.


    EDI SDK version 7c Beta released.


    The EDI SDK update version 0.06 (aka: Update #6) has been released!  I fixed a bug that was accidentally introduced in the previous update.  See the notes on SourceForge for more information.


    The EDI SDK update version 0.05 (aka: Update #5) has been released!  Included is a HtmlHelp (*.chm) file, updated demos, and a few bug fixes.  An installer and zip files are provided for download.  The installer includes everything including sources.  The zip file contains sources and non-executable files.  The core EDI units have also been updated to the JCL source tree.

    Now that this update has finally made it out the door, I hope to finish up the database buffering demo which will be the primary focus of my next update.  I also hope to improve up my online help section during this time period as well.


    Started updating the website for another EDI SDK release.   Hopefully it will be ready for this weekend.  There are new screen shots available for EDI Data Tree Demo and more to come for EDI Specification Manager Demo as well as new Online Help sections added for these programs.

    Since June 22nd I fixed some major issues with viewing the website under Mozilla, Opera, and IE5.5 browsers.  Thanks Remko for the links to css-validation and thanks to Chris and Adem for testing with Mozilla, Opera, and IE5.5.

    I'm also finally signed up to JCL-Developers group, thanks Petr.


    The EDI SDK can now be downloaded from SourceForge.net.


    The website is now back online.  The EDI SDK online help has been partially updated however work still continues in this section.


    EDI SDK version #4 is ready for download. Note that basic UN/EDIFACT support is now included. The original (ANSI X12) supported compatibility remains complete. Please read the Read Me file in the SDK for more information and don't forget to backup your files!

    Website updated with a splash of javascript. Sign my guest book and let me know what you think!

    Have a great Delphi related link? Then add it to my links page!

    Have a great day!


    EDI SDK version #3 is ready for download.

    Website updated, new screen captures, fixed submit web links.

    The website is running off a backup computer. Downloads may be slow.


    Unfortunately the server had a hardware failure last Friday prior to finishing up the SDK release for last week. The SDK will be available later this week. Until then you can get the new JclEDI.pas (with the bug fixes) and preview the new JclEDIXML.pas unit via FreeVCS.


    An alternate zip file version of the EDI SDK has been provided for download.


    EDI SDK and Ghost Hunter (Demo) Game are available for download.

    JclEDI.pas has been updated to the Jedi Code Library.

    New JclEDI.pas online help is being constructed.

    EDI Data Tree, EDI Specification Manager, and Site Statistics links have been added.

    By the end of the day I was able to get a compatible version of the EDI SDK working with Kylix 3. I will probably add the CLX versions of the EDI Data Tree and EDI Specification Manager sometime within the next two weeks.


    The Delphi-Jedi section of my website is now active.